Shoe and Leather Care & Repair We Can Make Your Items Look Like New Again !!!!
                    Shoe and Leather Care & RepairWe Can Make Your Items Look Like New Again !!!!

We are a family business. Imperial Shoe Craftsmanship has created a national following in addition to its long held local fame.


Longevity such as this, is it's own testament to their work and customers, repairing shoes,boots, belts and purses.

We pride ourselves on the creativity in our repair work!

 We love challenges!!!




Remember to care for your leather and shoe repairs by conditioning and weatherproofing for a longer lasting life and look.





Protect the soles of your shoes for a better grip and longer lasting life.




At Imperial, we guarantee your satisfaction and take pride in giving your shoes that

new look!!


We only use the highest quality products and materials. That is why we can provide the best service for your satisfaction.

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Imperial Shoe Services Inc.